Law Promo Launches the Wyble Law Firm Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Law Promo proudly presents the attorney website design launch for the Wyble Law Firm. Read more about the process and thought behind this web design!

With each new project, our team likes to research latest trends in order to incorporate those features within the law firm web design. Lately, we’ve seen an increase in usage for full-width images and banners along with lighter colors and highlights. During the mockup phase, our client requested a clean and modern design that would grab people’s attention with its simplicity and content presentation. After a few rounds, we came up with the design shown above.

Ultimately, we decided to go with a color scheme that would accentuate our client’s custom logo, so our team went with a mixture of blue, white, and gold. We incorporated a full-width banner to display our client’s logo and hold the main menu, which is displayed against a blue background and gold underline. The mid-portion of the website features a high resolution image of a Texas monument, our client’s location. We’ve also added a call to action highlighted in a gold background.

We’ve divided the content area into two: practice areas and main content. The practice areas sidebar is displayed by a blue background and navy blue highlights with a white font color. We’ve also added our client’s contact information below the content that way visitors will be able to contact our client immediately should they need to.

Overall, we’re glad to have this attorney web design in our portfolio. The design is simplistic, but we focused primarily on user-friendly features and instant access to information.

The Wyble Law Firm is a multi-service firm specializing in client-focused representation in a variety of legal matters such as business law, family law, healthcare law, mediation, wills & estates, agriculture law, and social security disability. They are located in Kaufman, Texas and serve clients in Kaufman, Van Zandt, Hunt, Dallas, Ellis, Henderson, and Rockwall counties. They offer free consultations, so if you’re in need of representation in the areas listed above or if you want to explore more of their attorney web design, we invite you to check them out at: The Wyble Law Firm.