Law Promo Launches the Wisconsin Insurance Coverage Law Firm Website

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Weiss Law Office

Before we kick off this long weekend, we thought we’d launch one more website as a Fourth of July Harrah! Click the link to read more about the lawyer website design launch of our Wisconsin Insurance Coverage Law Firm Client.

The Weiss Law Office hail from the not so distant, but far enough state of Wisconsin. They found us through an online search for lawyer website design in which we came up on the first page. Their initial concern with going forward on a professional lawyer web design were the chances of a poor ROI. We understood their concern. It isn’t easy being a small practice and money is tight. Still, they contacted us for a reason and we knew it was the right move to go forward with an attorney website design. So, we explained what we do and our proven track record with our clients. It wasn’t long before the Weiss Law Office decided it’d be a good investment to redesign their lawyer website.

The Weiss Law Office wanted a professional, corporate-like law firm website design, one that would enhance their appeal to their target clientele. They wanted a website design that was minimalist but approachable in appearance since most minimalist websites have a tendency to feel distant. It was an interesting request and our team decided to work with and enhance the traditional layout we usually incorporate.

The home page features the standard layout complete with menu bar & logo, a photo-loop of Wisconsin, and a brief introduction to the firm and their practice areas. Since our client wanted a minimalist approach but with friendly vibes, our team focused on the color scheme of the lawyer website. We experimented with different colors, but ultimately decided on a blue, white, and gray color scheme. By modifying the gray to fade into white, and by using a lighter shade of blue, our team found the perfect balance of corporate and friendly.

On the different pages of the website, the layout changes: the main menu remains at the top, but the photos change with each page. A graphic is chosen to complement the color scheme and the main content of the website is featured prominently in the center of the website.

Pictured above is the end result of the website. We invite you to visit the website and click around to really get a sense of the design and style. The Weiss Law Office practice the following areas of law:

Insurance Coverage
Insurance Defense
Insurance Subrogation
Civil Litigation & Appeals

Learn more about this attorney website design by visiting the Weiss Law Office, S.C.