Law Promo Launches the Wills Law Firm, PLLC Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Law Promo is pleased to announce the launch of the new web design for Attorney Rhonda Wills. We welcome you to take the chance to walk through this sleek and bright design. You have no excuse to not take this offer, the website is extremely compatible to all devices and browsers. Famous for Sisters In Law, Rhonda Hunter Wills is a true wonder woman. A mother of four has proven that she will stand up and fight to the bone for what is right. She has even fought in the United States Supreme Court and has recovered over 75 million dollars fighting for her clients.

The main page for the attorney’s website has a variety of carefully handpicked pictures which balance the various color tones in the web design. It’s usage of bright colors and subtle colors amplify the aggressive representation that the law office provides to its clients.

This page guides us to the various locations where we can find more information about the office. It is undoubtedly easily navigable for clients of all ages alike. The blue header bar has all the main sections that are available on the website. The website is specifically designed so that most of the content is above the fold for those quick-browsers can easily see all the content without having to scroll around.  

Accessibility was our main focal point when creating this website. All clients can see the various ways they can contact the law office without even clicking anything on the page. We have made it easier for building relationships between clients and law offices by including a contact form on the top left of the page. Of course, the layout makes it transparent for clients to understand their options because Wills just like Law Promo focuses on making their clients winners and walk away completely satisfied.

To visit the website, please click