Law Promo Launches the Willamette Valley Bankruptcy Website

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We’re welcoming this week with a new responsive attorney website design launch for the Willamette Valley Bankruptcy Firm. Check out their website and services below.

Bankruptcy is stressful and searching for an attorney to help you with your bankruptcy makes it all the more stressful. What if you can’t afford their services? What if the attorney isn’t as helpful as you thought? We can only imagine the questions filling the heads of those considering bankruptcy.

So, when our team created the attorney web design featured above, we focused primarily on the themes of hope and security. Our team wanted to create for our client a simple website that would assure visitors of our client’s integrity and professionalism. We wanted to evoke a sense of calm and confidence within the visitors. In order to achieve this, our team chose a light color scheme of white, blue, and navy blue. In color psychology, the color white is often associated with new beginnings and blue is a generally calming color.

The website layout is fairly simple. The banner features our client’s firm name and contact information. The main menu sits underneath the banner. For the header, we’ve added images to inspire hope and understanding and to the right of those images is a photo of our client with her slogan, “Free yourself from financial stress.”

We’ve added a few bankruptcy centric call to action buttons above the content to encourage our visitors to click for more information. The content is presented on the left and to the right is a contact form. We feel the website comes together nicely and appeals to our client’s target audience.

The Willamette Valley Bankruptcy Firm focuses on helping clients with bankruptcy and debt issues in the Lane County Area. The bankruptcy attorneys at Willamette Valley Bankruptcy understand the tough process you’re going through and only seek to alleviate your burdens by helping you through the process. Willamette Valley Bankruptcy offers every client a free one hour in person consultation with a licensed attorney.

If you’re looking for a licensed attorney to help you with your bankruptcy case, or if you wanted to explore the design featured above, we welcome you to check out Willamette Valley Bankruptcy.