Law Promo Launches the Virginia Wills Lawyers Website

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McClanahan Powers

Our latest attorney web design launch is for an existing client who wanted to create a separate, but similar design for one of their more popular practice areas. We proudly present the Virginia Wills Lawyer Website Design of the McClanahan Powers, PLLC. When creating this website, our client requested the design team to make the attorney website similar to their main site, but with a focus on wills and estate planning. They didn’t want to deter and confuse current clients with a drastic change in design, but they also wanted a discernible difference to depict a shift in focus on the services provided.

We’re no strangers to these types of requests, so our design team made quick work with each revision by keeping the layout of their current attorney web design. The major changes of this design are delegated to the color scheme and stock photography used. For the color scheme, our team wanted to choose the right blend of colors to promote tranquility and peace and so they went with a gray, green, and white color scheme for the effect.

The stock photography chosen features different images related to wills and estate planning, followed by call to actions provided by the firm. Like their original web design, the content is laid out on the left side and on the right there is a practice areas sidebar, a search bar, contact information, and blog updates. The footer of the site features our clients social media profiles and a logo linking back to their main website.

The Virginia wills lawyers at McClanahan & Powers are located in Virginia and offer the following services:

  • Estate Planning and Preparation
  • Probate
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Estate Planning Tax Considerations
  • Advanced Directives
  • Estate Litigation

McClanahan Powers estate attorneys represent Virginia residents and individuals nationwide in estate planning, protection, and recovery matters. Their focus is on their client and protecting their interests. To learn more about the attorney web design or to learn more about the services provided, we invite you to check out their website at Virginia Wills Lawyers .