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Shemesh Website

About: Mr. Shemesh welcomes you to a free half hour consultation, to assist you in determining your legal rights. Whether it is a Landlord Tenant Matter, or a Criminal Summary issue, or a Small Claims dispute consider Mr. Shemesh as your legal representative.

As a Paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, I practice in various tribunals, Small Claims Court and Summary Matters. Representing clients within the legal system, I achieve success through the use of strong negotiation skills.

Practicing in Toronto and surrounding areas, means that there is a circle of lawyers, adjusters and judges that I work with regularly and it is important to maintain positive relationships throughout the adversarial process.

My interpersonal skills have been critical to my success in achieving the best results for my clients. Effective negotiating has allowed me to succeed in reaching agreements on a wide array of business issues. I have the skills and the legal knowledge that sets me apart from others.