Law Promo Launches the Strianese, PLLC Lawyer Website

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Strianese LLC Law Firm

Today, Law Promo proudly launches the new lawyer website design of Strianese, PLLC. Chris Strianese is a Charlotte based attorney specializing in sexual harassment, employment discrimination, wage and hour, and non-competition / non-solicitation cases. His main focus is on representing employees who have been fired for unlawful reasons, or are experiencing discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

We mentioned this client in a previous blog post concerning his. Since then, the changes to his lawyer website design have been minimal and simple. His primary concern was to keep and match the tranquil theme of his web design with his law firm’s practice of employment law. Since the mockup round, the targeted change focused on the photo loop. We felt the photo loop portion was lacking and so added another graphic featuring a row of rocks along the water to keep with the website’s theme of tranquility. Tranquility and calm are very important during times of stress, so our design team worked closely with Chris to make sure the theme was well-represented visually for his visitors and target market.

Law Promo has created hundreds of lawyer website designs with certain themes or features, so the Strianese, PLLC website design was no problem. If you’re interested in learning more about this lawyer website design or if you’re interested in employment law representation, we invite you to visit the website of the Strianese, PLLC.