Law Promo Launches the Seidman Law Website

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Seidman Website

Law Promo is proud to introduce its newest finished project, a website design for a South Florida criminal defense attorney.

This website has somewhat of a hybrid look between classic and modern aesthetic.  The deep brown tones correlate with our client’s logo and provide the classic look and feel, confirming to the user that this criminal defense attorney is well established, but at the same time, the full width cityscape provides a modern touch that matches the sophistication of our client’s work and customer base.

As we have said before here at Law Promo, we are always striving to keep our law firm website design at the forefront of current design standards.  With this project, we adhered to this policy by building a fully responsive website.  A responsive law firm website ensures that prospective customers will leave with a good impression no matter what platform they use to view the website.  Responsive design allows the site content to move around and adjust to the browser width, making the site look fantastic on any size device.  With over 50% of web browsing now being done on mobile devices, anyone looking to reach all possible clients effectively should not overlook the importance of responsive web design.

If you’re interested in learning more about Seidman Law, we invite you to view their website by clicking the following link: Seidman Law.