Law Promo Launches the Seaman & Associates Law Firm Website

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Seaman Law Firm Website

Our newest site launch is for a Cleveland personal injury law firm.  We are excited to make this project public and looking forward to the positive results it will bring to our client.

This design is clean and professional, and the blue color scheme matches the branding of the Seaman & Associates logo, all of which helps our client look well established.  We used a design method that has proven to work before, which is keeping the logotype and the contact information separated on the top of the page, allowing this call to action to catch the eye.  Another eye catching aspect we used was duplicating the practice areas menu and posting the navigation content to the left of the main body.  This draws extra attention to the services offered, and it helps the user quickly find what they came to this law firm website for in the first place.

As always, we try to use the most modern design techniques to keep our clients websites looking as sophisticated as possible.  In this case, we used an image slide show up near the top of the home page that uses interesting JavaScript animations.  This is an impressive way to show some important information about this client, including their longevity in this field and noteworthy cases in which they have prevailed.  This design helps give the proper balance between engaging content and necessary details that will put our client on the path to gaining new customers.

Feel free to check out this finished attorney web design project at!