Law Promo Launches the Saudi Arabia Law Firm, Osool Law Firm Website

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 Osool Law Firm Website

We’d like to introduce you to our newest launched project, a law firm website for Osool Law Firm, a client from Saudi Arabia.

This newest website has a very clean aesthetic.  Our client already had a very developed design for what they wanted, so we kept their law firm website true to their initial concept, allowing it to retain its corporate feel.  The deep blue tones and organized grid format gives the viewer a very strong sense of professionalism, which is crucial to most law firms.  The one section of creativity comes in at the image slideshow, containing stunning close ups that provide an interesting and clear perspective on our client’s location and areas of expertise.

In our efforts to use the most modern technology to meet our customers needs, we utilized a very robust plugin that allows for seamless translation from Arabic to English.  This doesn’t make the mistakes that mediocre online translators make.  Each page was handcrafted to keep the content accurate, and the button at the top allows the user to toggle between which language the current page is viewed in.  Another plus is that, despite having multiple languages involved, all of the information for this website can be stored in one database, allowing more efficient content management.

This plugin was used in this law firm website to translate between Arabic and English, but it can be used for any language a client might need.  If this service is of interest to you, please contact us and let us fulfill your needs!

We are proud of this latest website launch, and we urge you to check out the Osool Law Firm!