Law Promo Launches the Sampson & Associates, P.C. Attorney Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Samson law firm web design

The new website of Sampson & Associates is now available for the public. This simple attorney website contains only nine pages of content optimized for performance with clients and on search engines. The easy-to-use layout is user-friendly, but we’ve also built in structure to maintain many more pages if this legal professional is interested in building out his site.

The website has a grey background, while the content has a white background for maximum readability. The site is sandwiched by teal bars that provide navigation capabilities for users. The home page offers a brief introduction to the firm and their services, which are extended upon on the practice areas pages. Along with an informative attorney profile page, there’s also a useful contact page with a contact form and map to assist potential clients in reaching the firm.

Sampson & Associates is an intellectual property law firm located in Boston, Massachusetts. Their practice areas include trademarks, patents, and general intellectual property law.