Law Promo Launches the Pumilia Patel & Adamec LLP Website

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Pumilia Patel & Adamec Website

Law Promo proudly presents the attorney website design launch for the Pumilia, Patel & Adamec LLP.

Here at Law Promo, we always try to find the best law firm website design package for our clients based on their needs. The Pumilia, Patel & Adamec, LLP came to us after searching Google for law firm web design, in which we rank number one. They wanted a fully customizable website that would help to establish them professionally online. They wanted to be able to make changes to themselves. They were also interested in a customizable logo and blog for their website in order to enhance their professional appearance. We had just the right package for them and after speaking with different attorney web design companies, they decided to sign on with us.

A new lawyer website design project typically takes three to six weeks. The longest stage is usually the mockup stage since design changes are only allowed at this stage. Feedback and communication are crucial in the mockup stage, but once a mockup is approved it’s usually a week or two to convert and launch the website. The mockup approved by the Pumilia, Patel & Adamec, LLP is featured above.

This particular lawyer web design features Law Promo’s traditional layout. The top banner displays the new law firm logo design for the Pumilia, Patel & Adamec, LLP along with their contact information. The firm decided on a color scheme of brown, white, and gray which they felt would differentiate their practice from the usual dark toned color schemes for business and litigation firms. The main banner of the website features a changing photo loop paired along with the firm’s call to action. Main body content of each web page is placed on the left while the right side bar features their practice areas.

The Pumilia, Patel & Adamec, LLP is located in Los Angeles, California. Their areas of expertise are listed below:

Transactional Practices primarily focusing on business formation
Litigation Practices primarily focusing on protecting clients from liability and exposure lawsuits.

The Pumilia, Patel & Adamec LLP understand the need of their clients to devote time and resources to their business. They offer their clients their ability and expertise in handling legal affairs while client’s focus on their business.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Pumilia, Patel & Adamec, LLP, we invite you to view their law firm web design by clicking the following link: Pumilia Patel & Adamec LLP.