Law Promo Launches the Physicians’s First Contract, LLC. Website

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website design

Our latest attorney web design is a new website for an existing client who wanted a website to focus on a specific area of his practice. This particular attorney web design is different from our usual designs. The first thing you’ll notice upon visiting this website is the lack of a menu bar. Unlike our usual designs, this law firm website is designed to be a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) site. It’s an interactive, parallax design meant to encourage exploration and seeking to answer the questions a client may have.

For this design, we went with a red, white, and blue color scheme to complement our client’s logo. There are different sections to this design which act as pages. Each section complements the overall design, but differences are shown in little details such as shadows, images, margins, and padding.

The top banner features our client’s logo design, call to action, and two buttons: Email Us and a Phone Number. A photo rotation featuring high resolution images of our client’s area of practice is displayed to capture interest. Scrolling past the photo rotation will present you with the main content of the website. We’ve made use of shadows and colorful backgrounds to direct visitor’s eyes.

Scrolling past the featured content, you’ll arrive at a brief explanation featuring the different services and prices our client offers. The services provided are presented in a box and labeled accordingly. We’ve added buttons for more information to those visitors seeking to learn more before purchasing our client’s service. More information and a list of FAQs are listed at the very bottom of the site with another call to action button urging visitors to contact our client for help on their case.

Like we mentioned earlier, this design is definitely different from our usual attorney websites. It provided our team a nice change of pace and a first hand try on Parallax. You can expect to see more in the near future, but until then we invite you check out Physician’s First Contract, LLC.