Law Promo Launches the Orlando Law Practice P.C. Website Today

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Today, we present the law firm website design launch of the Orlando Law Practice, P.C. Lisa comes from Detroit and practices entertainment law and general practice. Her primary focuses include the following:

Contract Drafting & Negotiation
Business Entity Formation
Copyright and Trademark
Dispute Reslution & Meidation
Shopping artists
Production and Distribution Deals
Publishing Agreements
Personal Manager Contracts
Work for hire agreements
Reality show production
Talent Contracts
Civil Litigation

Being in the business of entertainment, Lisa came to us wanting to create a visually striking website that would be distinct in style and appearance. She wanted something modern and flashy for her entertainment clients, but nothing that would scare away her general practice clients. There is a fine line between flashy and classy and after a few designs and feedback, our team and Lisa finally got down to a design layout that worked.
Featured above is the final design product. In order to have the website appeal to both entertainment clients and general practice clients, we decided to stick with a classic, user-friendly layout. Everything is laid out in front of the visitor. Since Lisa has two areas of practice, our team wanted to visually separate each practice area, so each practice area is represented with an image: entertainment law is represented with a mic, while general practice is represented with a gavel.

On choosing the color scheme for the website design, our team and Lisa agreed that the website should not support flashy colors. After a bit of color research, the team chose somber, darker colors against white and gold highlights. The photo loop featured prominently in the middle of the website contains photos that complement Lisa’s two primary practices.

It took some work, but we’re happy to say it all paid off! Our design team had to flex their creative muscles as they tried to evaluate the fine line between flashy and classy. In the end, the website is a hybrid take between modern and traditional. It has just enough flash for entertainment law websites that won’t scare off general practice clients. Learn more about this website design by visiting the Orlando Law Practice. If you’re interested in our website design services, contact us for a quote today.