Law Promo Launches the Oregon Dispensary Counsel Website Today

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Today, we present the law firm website design launch of the Oregon Dispensary Counsel.

The Oregon Dispensary Counsel came to us as a referral from a happy client. They wanted us to create a simple website that would showcase their services as an Oregon Marijuana Dispensary Counsel. They weren’t looking for anything fancy or high-tech. Their main goal was to have a website design that would match and appeal their practice focus and inform visitors of their rights when it comes to Marijuana Medical Law. Since 4/20, marijuana has become a big topic of debate in certain states. To legalize or not to legalize? Marijuana has often been seen in a bad light due to the popularity of using marijuana for recreational usage. However, marijuana is also used medicinally, and our clients are out to protect and inform those that dispense marijuana legally in order to prevent any criminal consequences.

On choosing the color scheme for the website design, our team decided to go with a combination of green and gray to promote our client’s business practice and focus. The photo loop featured prominently in the middle of the website contains photos that complement our client’s practice areas and their call to action: “Avoid unintended criminal consequences.” The layout of the website is simple. We decided simple would be the best way to go due to the limited amount of content involved and the general nature of the website.

The initial mockup phase took some time due to little tweaks and changes to the design, content, and photo presentation. Although it was a simple website to create, the difficulty in designing this website was in the simplicity. How could we make it stand out from other similar websites? How could we get the visitors to interact? Those were the questions that were going through our web design team’s mind as they tried to figure out a new way to present the information and design. In the end, it was through the use of color contrast and different shading that helped the design team present and differentiate the website from similar websites. The end result is pictured above and we’re proud to add this website to our design portfolio.

Managing and operating a dispensary is tricky, and our client’s wanted to inform those operating dispensaries in Oregon to be wary and to know their legal rights in case of any mishaps with the law.