Law Promo Launches the Onu Law Firm Website

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Onu Website Design

Law Promo proudly announces the attorney website design for the Onu Law Firm Website.

The Onu Law Firm contacted us through a Google search for law firm website design company. They found our prices to be the fairest among the other web design companies and after hearing about our track record of helping attorneys and law firms reach the first page of Google, they signed on. The Onu law firm came to us with an idea of what they wanted for their website design. They wanted an attorney web design that would showcase their professionalism and impress the sophisticated clientele they were targeting. We invited them to look at our law firm web design portfolio for ideas and to see whether any of our previous designs struck a chord with what they were looking to achieve.

Unfortunately, while they liked some of the lawyer website designs, none of them seemed to grab them. So, they sent a few examples of websites they liked and certain features they wanted and after some trial and error and feedback, our team was able to come up with the lawyer web design featured above.

This particular attorney website is different from our usual designs. One of the key differences is the background of the website. Our design team incorporated a full-browser background featuring a high quality image loop of the cities The Onu Law Firm serves. The color scheme of the website is black, white, and blue. The transparent black background blends in well with the changing background of the website and each background changes depending on the link clicked. The main menu is illuminated in a teal highlight when glanced over. Content for each page is condensed and kept to a minimum to go along with the aesthetic of the website.

Overall, we’re exceptionally pleased with how this attorney website design came out. It’s a departure from our usual norm, but we feel it’ll serve the Onu Law Firm well for years to come. We can go and on and talk about how different this website is, but it’s best to check it out for yourself at The Onu Law Firm Website.