Law Promo Launches The O’Leary Law Office Website

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Lawyer Website Design

Today we are launching a website for O’Leary Law Office, a law firm that specializes in Estate & Business Law. The site is fully responsive, so it looks perfect on any device and screen size.

You’ll notice on a mobile phone or ipad that the elements of the site will actually stack on top of one another, providing users the ability to see and easily read all the content on the site with a simple swipe of their finger. On larger screens, the site is laid out in a traditional format that looks sleek and polished. Responsive design doesn’t just look better for users, it actually helps improve a website’s SEO ranking too.

We’ve used a blue and white color scheme to instill a sense of calmness, clarity, and also provide ample contrast. There are subtle shadows and light gradients that add additional visual interest and make the site feel more clean and professional. You’ll also see a large banner that stretches across the site, incorporating images and text that command attention and stay true to the blue and white theme.

This site has been optimized to provide conversions for our client – meaning more users contacting their business through the website. They have their four main practice areas listed on the left-hand side, followed underneath by a very simple, straightforward contact form. Including this on the main page and even some subsequent pages ensures that when someone has read enough information and decided to reach out, they are not left wondering how to do so. We’ve also included all the contact information in the header of the site, so there is never a question of how to contact them.

To learn more about O’Leary Law Office and to see their website design, visit O’Leary Law Office.