Law Promo Launches the MouerHuston PC Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Today we are launching a full-width, fully responsive website for MouerHuston PC. This website features a full-width layout, meaning it is designed to fill up the entire page of any given web browser. MouerHuston is a general business law firm located in Houston, Texas, providing outstanding legal advice and services to its clients. MouerHuston PC. represent individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, joint ventures and companies of all sizes in diverse transactional and litigation matters.

This is a fine example of responsive design done correctly. On a mobile device the menu is collapsable, making room to accommodate content. Overall, this site is a great representation of the firm, utilizing design elements and the latest technology to assure visitors that this group is detail oriented, sleek, effective and up to date with modern standards.

The footer has additional logos of affiliations, honors and associations Raul belongs to. All the content and functionality thrives on a mobile device where the alternating sections of white and dark grey make the user experience fluid. A few pulls of the finger bring you to the footer while still placing emphasis on all the content above it.