Law Promo Launches the Mirotznik & Associates Law Firm Website

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Mirotznik Law Firm

Today marks the launch date of the new lawyer website design for the Mirotznik & Associates, LLC website. With over twenty years of federal and state court experience, they can provide you the expertise necessary to address the legal challenge you are facing. They have successfully litigated thousands of cases, both complex and simple, resolving these matters to their clients’ satisfaction through settlement or trial.

The Mirotznik & Associates Law Firm is located in East Meadow, New York. They contacted us last year regarding a lawyer website design for their firm since they had yet to create a professional online appearance. Law Promo was all too happy to help, so after a few emails and conferences, we got to design their new lawyer website. Their primary concern was to design a website that would present their firm as professional, modern, and knowledgeable. They wanted a lawyer website design that would evoke feelings of confidence and trust. In response to their request, our design team decided on a maroon, green, and white color scheme to reflect friendly counsel and knowledge. The layout of the website is a user-friendly design that puts all information in front of the visitor. Lastly, in order to establish the firm’s twenty years of experience, we applied a rss feed on the right side of the website to display their notable cases and recent results.

Here at Law Promo, we’ve helped hundreds of lawyers in establishing professional online appearances like the Mirotznik & Associates Law Firm. If you’re interested in learning more about this law firm website design, we invite you to visit the website ofMirotznik & Associates, LLC .