Law Promo Launches the McMurray Henriks, LLP Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Today we proudly add the McMurray Henriks, LLP website to the Law Promo community. This website design is bright and contemporary, presenting a modern and fresh web experience for visitors to enjoy. This clean approach is a result of cooperation between our design team and the professionals at this three-attorney law firm.

The website is open and white, which follows a current trend in website design. The clean whiteness is complimented by maroon and a bright shade of orange, which brings a certain lively youthfulness to the otherwise empty site. Big pictures of the office and videos of the firm’s work provide interesting media for potential clients to view.

McMurray Henriks, LLP is located in Los Angeles, California and practices in the areas of antitrust law, intellectual property law, and several kinds of litigation, including appellate, business & tort, civil rights, class action, commercial, employment, mass tort, products liability, and more. To learn more about this attorney website design, visit McMurray Henriks LLP.