Law Promo Launches the McClanahan Powers, PLLC Website

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McClanahan Powers

Our most recent attorney web design launch is a redesign for our current client. They felt it was time to revamp their website and after speaking with their project manager thought it’d be a good time to invest in a website redesign. Read on to find out more information about their redesign and what our team did.

Here at Law Promo, we follow attorney web design trends to make sure we’re not left behind! We always try and incorporate new design elements to our websites. For this redesign, our team made use of shadows and texture to create a 3D-like effect that “pops”. With the recent surge or mobile searches, our team designed this attorney website to be responsive. We also stuck with the color scheme of our client’s previous website and logo: red, blue, and white to provide familiarity with recurring visitors.

The top banner of the attorney web design features our client’s logo and call to action against a steel gray background. The menu is placed prominently underneath the banner and above the header photos in white font against a red background. It’s a sticky menu, meaning that the menu will stay at the top of the page. For the hover effects, we used a red-on-red color scheme for a more subtle display. The header photos features our client’s location and practice areas along with different calls to action in white font within a transparent black box. There’s a button right underneath the box that allows curious visitors to learn more about our client’s firm and their areas of expertise.

The content is presented in a different format compared to our previous attorney web designs. It’s divided into three different sections. The top section features our client’s main content. Underneath the main content, our design team added a list of our client’s office locations and a scrolling box of our client’s most recent blog updates. The boxes provide the a link, title, and summary of each post so visitors have the option of choosing what to read. To the left, we’ve added a search bar for visitors to have the option of manually typing in what they’re looking for. The practice areas of our client is listed below the search bar. We’ve also added a twitter widget to feature our clients tweets on their homepage. The widget updates in real time and visitors have the chance to follow or tweet back to our client.

For the footer, our team added another menu featuring the main pages of our client’s attorney website. We also included social media icons and ratings within the footer for visitors wanting more information about the firm.

To learn more about this attorney web design and the different features included, we invite you to check out McClanahan Powers.