Law Promo Launches The Mayflower Visa Group LLC Website

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Let’s kick off this Monday with another attorney website design launch for The Mayflower Visa Group, LLC.

The Mayflower Visa Group, LLC contacted us knowing exactly what they wanted for their law firm website design. Without any current website, the Mayflower Visa Group, LLC were seeking the best deal they could find when they contacted us. After speaking with our sales representative and browsing our lawyer website design portfolio, they were surprised by our fair prices and decided to sign on. We were glad to welcome them aboard.

The lawyer website designs that most appealed to their firm wasn’t in our portfolio. Instead, they listed elements from our different attorney web designs and gave us an external link to the layout they wanted. Like we tell all our clients, we let the Mayflower Visa Group, LLC know that we could make the website similar to the link they provided, but with obvious changes to the design to match our style. They agreed and the end result is pictured above.

The layout we created for them is similar to our traditional layout in the following way: we placed their logo at the top left to draw any wandering eye. To the right of the logo is the contact information, office locations, and numerous phone numbers for the firm. The main menu is presented below in white font against the dark blue background.

The layout differs in its content presentation. Rather than a large graphic for the banner, the graphic here is small, paired with calls to actions on the right. The images we chose for their firm complemented the Mayflower Visa Group’s primary practice areas. The main body of the content is broken up into three elements: Client services, body content, and contact form. We decided to go with a mixed color scheme of blue, teal, and white to enhance and match the firm’s logo.

The Mayflower Visa Group, LLC wanted a lawyer website design that would provide their firm a professional online appearance and we feel we succeeded with the website shown above. They have many locations scattered around the Word: Boston, London, and Sydney. They practice the following areas of law:

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