Law Promo Launches the Maryland Auto Accident Attorneys Website

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Sanchez Law Firm Website

Law Promo is thrilled to present our latest responsive law firm website for the Injury Law Center in Maryland.  This website features excellent structure that looks great on all devices.

With unique shades of green throughout the site, the design gives off a calm, yet professional feeling, inviting potential clients to explore the site and learn more about the firm.

The header contains the firm’s logo and contact information, followed by a navigation bar with clearly labeled sections.  A reassuring and encouraging slogan overlays a series of rotating images.

The content area features a firm overview and a contact form, encouraging those who have recently been the victim of an accident, DUI or other mishap to get in touch with the firm for their free case evaluation.

A blog has also been integrated into the site.  Blogs are a great way to easily expand the site’s content.  The firm is able to access and update the blog independently.  Not only does this allow their clients to further connect with the firm, it also improves the site’s SEO power as more content is added.

This responsive website looks great on desktop computers, but also sizes down very well to display efficiently on phones and tablets.  Not only does this allow for a better user experience but, once again, it also helps with the site’s SEO.