Law Promo Launches the MartinLaw PLLC Website

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Martin web design

Law Promo is proud to announce the law firm website launch for MartinLaw PLLC, a Seattle personal injury law firm.

This website meets the most modern design standards, starting with the full width background image.  This high resolution photo of the Seattle skyline creates a profound feeling of sophistication, and when the site viewers see this, it helps them understand how professional our client is and how thorough their services are.  This full width image makes the law firm website aesthetically impressive without impeding on the ability of the user to read the content.

This personal injury firm website is also responsive, meaning that it changes layouts as the size of the browser window changes.  This allows for the website to look great on both large desktop screens and small mobile devices.  About half of web browsing is done on mobile devices, so having a responsive website helps our client reach the largest possible audience, thus maximizing the profits of his online presence.

Feel free to check out all of these features at MartinLaw PLLC.