Law Promo Launches the Marshall Law Firm Website

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Law Firm Website

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Marshall Law Firm website. This attorney came to us with a very specific vision in mind, one that fell outside of our portfolio standard.

The website’s color scheme is based on the firm’s logo, which we also designed for Marshall Law Firm. The navy blue brings a professionalism to the website, while the bright orange catches visitor’s eyes and highlights important places of information. The website has a very contemporary feel with a white background and modular boxes containing different categories of content.

The home page uses Javascript to display Featured Investigations, Featured Cases, and recent articles from the attorney blog’s RSS feed. This way, the scope of the website is visible on the very first page, and potential clients are able to immediately choose what part of the website they’d like to learn more about first. We also created a contact form for visitors to submit and in-depth description of their complaints, so that the firm can contact them for a well-informed consultation as soon as possible.

Marshall Law Firm is located in the East Bay of San Francisco, California, and addresses unfair business practices law suits including credit reporting issues, defective products, unsolicited telemarketing, identity theft, and more.