Law Promo Launches the Louisiana Estate Planning Lawyer Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Oops we did it again, we just launched another website for one of our lovely clients: John E. Sirois. Just cruise around the website and see all that it offers. We’ve made it completely responsive so no matter what device you view it on, you can see it all. Mr. Sirois is a highly-notable attorney who works in estate planning and acts as an adviser to those who are dealing with any aspect of estate planning, probate, and elder law. He’s even published a book titled “Louisiana Retirement & Estate Planning Handbook” to share his knowledge.

We came up with a web-design that has a picture of Louisiana as the background because it’s where he practices. By mainly using white and blue tones in the web-design, we provoke a sense of calmness in his prospective clients in a time of chaos. The viewers are bound to focus on the practice areas as they are listed in two different areas of the website.

This page can be easily navigable for young and old folks alike. An organized menu sits on top header of the website to make sure that the viewers know where they are and where they want to go. It can be seen as a built-in map feature within the website. With all of Mr. Sirois’s knowledge available on his website, it’s easy to see that he wants to share knowledge with you and help you in every step of the way he can. This feature reflects a very appealing characteristic of Mr. Sirois directly on his website.

We want to make you a website that reflects all your positive characteristics too. So let us help you gain your potential clients trust you through an eye-pleasing web-design like this one. To visit the website, please visit