Law Promo Launches The Loewinsohn Flegle Deary Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Law Promo launched the website of Loewinsohn Flegle Deary, LLP today. This website makes great use of white space to give the website a clean, concise design that looks great across all browsers and device sizes.

The website navigation is a left sidebar that scales down perfectly in smaller device windows. The home page features a dynamic news section that pulls the latest news items as well as a video for each law firm partner that opens in a lightbox modal window.

The blue color in the logo is repeated throughout the site and matches seamlessly against the white background of the website. The blue color is repeated within the navigation hover states, as horizontal rulers in the copy and in header text. The grey fonts used within the site pair well with the overall design and look great throughout. The website has ample spacing between elements and is easily interpreted by the visitor.

To check out the newly launched website, visit: