Law Promo Launches The Lee Law Firm Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Law Promo is proud to announce the launch of their latest product, a law firm website for The Lee Law Firm, a Seattle bankruptcy firm.

This website has a very nice layered feel.  The foundation is an elegant wood background, spanning the entire width and height of the browser.  The content container is layered on top of that, but a subtle transparency enhances the illusion of lift, drawing attention to the important legal information.  This modern aesthetic engages the visitors, and the quality of site design has a direct effect on the perceived quality of the firm and its services.

Additionally, there is symmetry between the header and the footer that creates a nice branded feel.  Both the logo and the contact information are included in each section, and even though the layout is a bit different, the continuity creates very nice “bookends” for the content.  The branded feel that it provides is essential to boost the firm’s credibility.

Visit the new website for The Lee Law Firm today!