Law Promo Launches the Law Offices of Travis & Travis Website

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Attorney Website

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Travis & Travis website. There are many great qualities to this site that combine into an impressive business asset for the firm. The site is functional and easy to use while also maintaining a professional appearance that increases the credibility of these legal professionals. The attorneys have added a personal touch by including a photos section, which showcases “just-for-fun” photos that show a lighter, more humanizing side of the firm.

The website features a royal blue header to catch the eye, complemented by white and various shades of grey. White, blue and grey are always very professional colors that lend a legitimacy and authority to the website’s tone. The header containers several images of the San Francisco Bay Area, so visitors quickly know the location of the firm. Personal details, both under the “People” section and the “Photos” section helps the personality of both attorneys shine.

Travis & Travis is located in San Francisco, California, and provides legal assistance in the practice areas of civil litigation; general transaction and business advice; contract preparation, review and revision; and non-profit corporation law. To learn more about this attorney website, click the Law Offices of Travis & Travis.