Law Promo Launches the Law Offices of Patrick W. Boatman Website

Categories: Website Launches.

We have officially launched the website for the Law Offices of Patrick W. Boatman, LLC. The landing page of this website is clean and simple. Making use of the white background, we used simple imagery and text to convey professionalism to any of the sites visitors.

The firms logo is featured in the top left corner of the page, with the navigation placed to the right. The simplicity of the design makes it particularly easy to access pertinent information. In this case, the absence of color is particularly appropriate, an accurate representation of the attorneys traditional values.

The slideshow beneath the navigation features imagery of a courthouse, cycling through close up and perspective shots of the architecture. Without having to say it, the choice of photos tells potential clients that this group of attorneys looks at the big picture but also has a fine eye for details, a coveted quality in the legal field. Beneath the imagery is an overview of the firm with their motto: Experience, Integrity, Ingenuity.

Each attorney profile page features a photo of the professional to the left, with an excerpt to the right. The uniformity and consistency throughout the website instills trust, which is key for growing clientele. The sites contact page is simple and direct, with an embedded google map and form to fill out. Overall, this site does a fine job of showcasing the professionals and practice areas with an emphasis on legibility and the user experience.

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