Law Promo Launches The Law Office of William Charles Dixon Website

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William Charles Dixon

Law Promo proudly announces the attorney website design for the Law Office of William Charles Dixon. A lot of thought went behind this beautiful design. Click the link to find out what went on behind the scenes! Our client contacted Law Promo for a simple website where people would be able to find him since most of his clientele come from word of mouth referrals. The keyword to this attorney web design is subtlety.

Our design team took careful, measured steps in order to ensure a website design that would stand out from the crowd but would also evoke a familiar feel. In coming up with this attorney web design, our team took modern design elements and combined it with traditional formatting to come out with the website design featured above.

The top portion of the website features our client’s contact information and firm name in white font against a full-width blue background. The menu sits underneath the logo and on top of the page header images. If you hover over the logo, instead of a highlighted menu item, a simple blue line hovers over the menu item providing a more modern menu.

The most notable feature of this website design is the way in which the content and header images are presented. By increasing the height and implementing shadows, the web page gives off an almost 3D like effect. The header portion of the website features a carousel of high resolution images coupled with specific calls to action.  Underneath the images, the main page is divided in two: the main content section to the left and a contact form to the right. For good measure, the team decided to add our client’s contact information in a long blue strip above the footer menu.

We’re truly pleased with the aesthetic of this attorney web design and we invite you to check it yourself: Law Office of William Charles Dixon.