Law Promo Launches the Law Office of Joseph Ruiz, PLLC Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Our team is super excited to launch this website for Mr. Joseph Ruiz’s Law Office. After perfecting every detail to fulfill the vision our client had for his website design, we made another exciting action-packed, SEO-friendly, and responsive website design. The vibrant color palette combination makes this website one that won’t fade away in any viewers’ minds. It’s striking combination of blue, orange, and white colors all complement each other very well without being overly showy which provokes viewers to be more engaged.

With a free case evaluation offer and a phone number at the top of the page, it’d be impossible for any viewers to miss the opportunity to take advantage of it. The slider of pictures and texts keeps the viewers busy gaining viewer time. And we’ve included numbers in those texts because most viewers associate numbers with logic deeming it to be factual. By building up this trust just through your website in your viewers can increase lawsuits your law office will get their hands on. And of course we didn’t leave out the menu bar at the top of the website to make it easily navigable and social media outlet buttons to make sure that future or present clients can connect with this law office.

If your scroll down, we’ve included some badges of honor and admissions that Mr. Joseph Ruiz’s office has received. This helps display his dynamic experiences as well as his success in protecting his clients. And of course, testimonials are written to portray that he isn’t just a boaster. Clients connect and believe other clients more, so this is a great way to help the viewer trust and believe in his law office. If you want to increase your clients and want a website like this of your own, reach out to us for your free proposal. It’s how all our clients started to build an online presence.

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