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The Law Office of J. Blacknell

We’re three for three this Wednesday with another attorney website design launch for the Law Office of J. Blacknell!

The Law Office J. Blacknell contacted us after being referred to us by a close acquaintance who is a current client. He wanted to get a feel for what different lawyer website design packages we offered and see if we’d be a good fit. He spoke to our sales representative about what he wanted and what he needed in his law firm website design and our sales representative quoted him a fair price along with recommendations for the package that would suit him best.

After a few days of shopping around and researching about law firm web designs, Mr. Blacknell contacted us and we got started on a new project.

The attorney website designs that most appealed to Mr. Blacknell were our criminal defense law firm website designs. He wanted a simple, traditional criminal defense lawyer website. He listed a few examples from our law firm web design portfolio and provided his preferred color scheme of brown and gold. When we designed his new website, our team decided to go another direction. Instead of putting a focus on graphics, they decided to stick with a traditional layout and style, but enhance the color schemes, box shadows, and content presentation.

If you’ll look at the website, you’ll notice the subtle shading within the colors. Main body content is placed against a lightly shaded gray background. To the left is a brief introduction of the services Mr. Blacknell provides along with a photograph. The banner of the website features graphics and a call to action that complements his practice areas. Certain pages feature different photographs of Mr. Blacknell to accompany the content focus. Overall, we’re happy with the law firm web design created!

The Law Office of J. Blacknell is based Los Angeles. Mr. Blacknell is knowledgeable in the following areas of criminal law:





Family Law

Civil Litigation

Administrative Hearings

License Suspension Hearings

If you’re interested, we invite you to learn more about the features of Mr. Blacknell’s attorney website design by clicking on the following link: The Law Office of J. Blacknell.