Law Promo Launches The Katz PLLC Website

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 Katz PLLC

Law Promo is proud to launch the attorney website design for Katz PLLC.

Katz PLLC is a law firm specializing in Intellectual Property Law. Like most law firms practicing intellectual property, our client wanted an attorney web design that would showcase their creativity to their visitors. There’s a delicate balance between creativity and professionalism in law firm website design, our client told us. Too creative and most visitors would be hesitant to contact you. Too professional and most visitors would get bored or intimidated.

So, our design team worked with the client in order to create a website that would straddle the line between creative and professional. We settled on a gray background with a color scheme of white, blue, and gray. Simple things, such as the symmetry and margins within the design, give the website a professional creative feel. We kept the traditional layout and added quotes to go along with the images shown within the header. Contact information and our client’s firm name are prominently displayed for the visitors to see.

With this attorney web design, our team provided a modern aesthetic take on a tried and true formula. They made use of shadows and transparent images to enhance the website’s “pop” effect. Overall, we’re pleased to add this attorney website design to our portfolio. If you’d like to visit and explore the website yourself, we welcome you to click the following link: Katz PLLC.