Law Promo Launches the Kaigle Law Firm Website

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The Kaigle Law Firm

Law Promo has another cause for celebration as we launch our latest attorney website for the Kaigle Law Firm. You can see more of this website by clicking the link below. Shades of blue coupled with white give a bold yet calm contrast to the website’s layout and professional appearance. Opting for a minimal and modern design, the header prominently displays the logo and name of the Kaigle Law Firm, with a phone number largely displayed on the right side of the page to provide quick contact information for potential or existing clients.

Below the header, which also contains an easy-to-navigate menu with drop-down capabilities, a large high-resolution image of the downtown Orlando waterfront, our client’s city and area of practice. The image is clear and fully visible to add a feel of calm and serenity that plays well with the color scheme of blue and white. Below the image is a clear introduction to the Kaigle Law Firm. The Kaigle Law Firm offers a full service of practice areas for a variety of offenses, and we wanted to make sure that information was apparent and accessible.

To the left of the description is a sidebar with contrasting colors for easy readability. The first element in the sidebar is a contact form, allowing potential clients to quickly and easily get in touch with the Kaigle Law Firm by email, should they choose not to call. Below the contact form are links that allow website visitors to easily navigate to the information most pertinent to them.

To finish off the page we included an appealing portrait of Mr. Kaigle, along with the numerous awards he has received to ensure client confidence. Finally, there is a footer and disclaimer with further information. To learn more about the features we have included, please visit the Kaigle Law Firm website.