Law Promo Launches the Jaffe Glenn Law Group Website

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Law Group Website

Today, Law Promo features the law firm website design launch of the Jaffe Glenn Law Group.

Like most of our attorney web design clients, the Jaffe Glenn Law Group came to us after a Google search for “lawyer website design”. They had spoken with our competitors and local developers for a quote on their web design. They were surprised at the immense cost some of these companies had quoted them and had thought we would charge the same amount. After speaking with our sales rep, they were pleasantly surprised with our fair service prices and wanted to know what made other companies charge so much. They were relieved that they had found us since our prices were more reasonable. They signed on that same day they contacted us and we got to work on their attorney website design!

After providing us their old website, The Jaffe Glenn Law Group told us exactly what they were looking for: a stylish website that would hold a nice balance between professionalism and modern design. They weren’t pleased with their old law firm web design due to the bland nature and dull colors. They wanted us to design a website that would capture their New York & New Jersey focus. Having designed plenty of law firm websites for New York & New Jersey clients, our design team had an idea or two on how to capture their practice.

The most important piece of this website was the background. It would be the background that would make or break the New York theme of the website, so our design team decided to implement a large graphic of New York as the background. The top of the website features the Jaffe Glenn Law Group logo along with their contact information in white. Our design team decided to use a combination of shadows, blue, black, and white for the color scheme of the website. They felt the color scheme would reflect well on the bright graphic. The main menu is a dull silver. Beneath the main menu are stock photos depicting the Jaffe Glenn Law Group’s primary practice areas. The main content is featured in white against a navy blue background.

The Jaffe Glenn Group focuses their practice on Employment and Overtime Law:

Minimum Wage Claims
Overtime Rights
Overtime Violations

They have two office locations: New York & New Jersey. The Jaffe Glenn Law Group represents a wide range of individuals that encounter problems they face when their employer fails to pay their wages. With their extensive experience, they deliver prompt and effective legal representation at no cost to their clients.

Learn more about this attorney website design by visiting the Jaffe Glenn Law Group.