Law Promo Launches the Greenwald Weiss Law Firm Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Our most recent launch is of the Greenwald Weiss attorney website. This law firm is focused on estate planning and elder law, and they wanted a welcoming website that would reflect the attorneys’ personable and intimate service style. The lively greens in this site, combined with the large amount of helpful information provided by the firm, create an engaging design perfect for their elderly New York target market.This website features a green background, a decisive black top and a white content area, with various teals to bring a contemporary edge to the educational material. The menu uses an interesting texture to break up the monotony of the site and provide a friendly tangibility to the site design for older users. Along with bio and services pages, the website also includes the page “Estate Planning is for You,” which breaks down why estate planning is important for those who aren’t sure. Easily understandable content like this is great, especially in fields where clients may not have much knowledge about legal matters.

Greenwald Weiss has three locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey. They practice in the areas of estate planning, advanced tax planning, elder law, probate and administration, guardianship proceedings, business succession planning, and charitable planning. To learn more about this website design, visit Greenwald Weiss, LLC.