Law Promo Launches the Goldfarb & Zeidner Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Law Promo has officially launched the website for Goldfarb & Zeidner, Attorneys at Law. This particular site makes use of an atypical color scheme and layout, which aides in giving the firm (and their website) a unique identity.

Making use of a range of purples and gold, this landing page stands out among the rest. A royal purple header section features a vibrant yellow logo and white text with the firms slogan and contact information. Beneath the header is a gold navigation menu bar spanning the full width of the page, the navigation provides avenues for the sites visitors to access the following page(s): Home, Attorney Profiles, Practice Areas and Contact.

To make the site easy to navigate and organize content, we’ve nested links in drop down lists for the attorney profile and practice areas. Once the visitor hovers over either item, they can view a list of attorneys or practice areas. For this reason, utilizing a drop down list effectively achieves two functions simultaneously: reduce visual clutter and organize content. Both have their implications when the user experience is considered. Beneath the main navigation is a photo of the partners and a slideshow that cycles through various imagery of job sites and scenarios on the job.

A sidebar features the general practice area to increase accessibility and minimize the amount of searching a visitor needs to do. The goal was to make this site as intuitive as possible. The internal pages have unique layouts and the attorney profiles in particular stand out. Each attorney page features a head shot of the professional and their name to the left on a purple background and their biography to the right on a white background. This contrast and separation makes it easy to read, mimicking some forms of effective print material through the use of columns. A contact page features a secure form and has an integrated google map with the firm’s address already programmed in.

Overall, this site is effective. Conveying trust, history and competence while providing the visitors an easy means of accessing pertinent information.