Law Promo Launches the Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Website

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Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest attorney website for The Law Offices of Jessica Mishali, P.A. This website uses a dark teal blue backdrop with white and black visual elements.

About: Jessica Mishali is a skilled and accomplished criminal defense attorney who has been fighting passionately for justice for her clients for almost 10 years. Jessica welcomes the opportunity to defend the accused at any stage in the criminal proceedings. With vast experience in successfully representing the accused at Magistrate / First Appearance Hearings, Motions for Bond, Motions to Suppress Evidence, Motions to Suppress Identification, Motions to Suppress Statements, Motions to Dismiss, Trial, Sentencing, Motions to Mitigate the Sentence, Motions to Vacate Plea, Violations of Probation or Community Control, Motions to Modify Probation or House Arrest, Forfeiture (securing the return of the client’s property that was seized by police), Jessica’s reputation for outstanding results has caused other attorneys to hire her to consult on complex criminal matters.

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