Law Promo Launches The Drummond Law Firm Website

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With Google’s mobile algorithm change date nearing, we’ve had a number of clients approach us for a responsive redesign of their website. Our latest attorney website design is a responsive redesign for The Drummond Law Firm. Learn more about the features of this particular website by clicking the link.This website was designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. Our design team decided on using the color scheme of gray, red, and black to match our client’s logo. The banner of the website features our client’s logo, social media accounts, and their phone number. Below the banner, we’ve included a sticky menu that attaches itself to the top of the page no matter how far you scroll.

The main attraction to the website is displayed in the header section. We’ve added a high resolution image reel which features stock photography of our client’s city and practice areas. Superimposed onto the photo reel is our client’s call to action in a transparent black background and recent case results presented  in gold font. Visitors to the website will instantly be drawn to the color and message.

Below the header portion, we’ve included a row of logos, associations, and awards our client has received. This row is followed by another call to action: “Experienced Nevada Trial Attorneys” and a row of buttons featuring our client’s primary practice areas. The content layout is displayed in two columns: on the left is the main content of our while the right features a contact form for quick and easy access to information.

We’ve added a footer menu at the very bottom atop our client’s disclaimer and footer. To learn more about the different features we’ve included, you can visit The Drummond Law Firm Website.