Law Promo Launches the CS3 Law PLLC Website Today

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CS3 law firm web design

CS3 Law PLLC has brought their law firm online today with a new website by our team at Law Promo. This clean, expansive design houses several pages of legal services content, which we always recommend for great search engine results. In addition, the layout and design has a contemporary, welcoming feel that will impress potential clients.The website features a plain white background, with a grey header that stretches across the page. The rounded blue buttons of the main menu add a contemporary and warm feeling to the website that makes it much more friendly and visually interesting for visitors. The large amount of negative space allows users to focus on the highly informative content, which gives users important information about their firm and its services.

CS3 Law PLLC is a law firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The firm specializes in representing school boards and charter schools in many areas, including education law, contracts and business matters, board policy and procedures, ESP relations, student discipline, OMA/ FOIA/ FERPA, and many more.