Law Promo Launches the Courson Law Group Website

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The Courson Law Group

Today, Law Promo proudly launches the new responsive law firm website design of the Courson Law Group.

Our client came to us seeking to redesign his law firm website as it was nearing it’s peak age. Law firm website designs typically have a lifespan of 3-6 years, after that it is in good practice to redesign and update your attorney website. Our client wanted to keep his standard law firm web design and only add a few tweaks. With the recent surge of mobile device and tablet users, he wanted a law firm website design that would cover all devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop. Luckily, we had the solution with our responsive law firm web design.

Responsive web design is a recent web design approach developed to provide an enhanced/ideal viewing experience. Responsive web design conforms the web page to whatever viewing device you’re using: tablet, desktop, or even mobile. It allows for easy-reading and navigation throughout the website with the minimum amount of resizing. It is an all-in-one solution for any law firm seeking to design a website that provides an ideal viewing experience throughout all devices.