Law Promo launches The Chase Law Group, LLC

Categories: Website Launches.

Today we are launching a website for The Chase Law Group, LLC. This website utilizes a dark color scheme and evocative imagery to entice potential clients and viewers of the website to inquire further. This law firm practices commercial real estate, so we wanted to make sure that we incorporated appropriate elements for a real estate law firm. For this reason, we’ve used a mix of deep blues, grey tones, and black. The use of blue is proven to have a calming effect (which is why it’s used so often) and generally imbues a sense of trust, clarity, and renewal in viewers, while also promoting relaxation.

A good idea for any law firm’s website is to establish a sense of location the instant someone visits the site. This way, viewers automatically make a connection to the imagery and know they are in the right place. This firm practices out of Maryland, so we’ve included several images which relate to their area. The first image viewers see is of a large ship at night in the local harbor. This image is perfect as it establishes a sense of location, but also fits seamlessly into the visual design and works cohesively with the rest of the site. There are currently three attorneys practicing with this law firm, and each attorney’s personal webpage displays a unique image of the harbor.

To see this law firm’s website, please visit The Chase Law Group, LLC.