Law Promo Launches The Cate Terry & Gookins, LLC Website

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Cate Terry & Gookins

Law Promo launched the website for Cate Terry & Gookins LLC today. This bright, clean and modern website looks great – featuring a crisp white background.

The repetition of the same blue color throughout the site creates a concise and succinct feel. The top navigation and super header feature all the pertinent contact information, in a well designed layout.

The large, full-width hero image is a great image and has a nice, opaque text section with easy-to-read content. The blue contact sidebar looks great and matches well with the other elements within the page.
As well, the site footer reiterates the blue hues and the social media icons are also symmetrical to the look.

Ample white space makes the entire website content easily navigable and readable. The font sizes further add to the site cohesiveness and overall unity.

To check out the website visit