Law Promo Launches the California Estate Planning Attorney Website

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Law Promo proudly launches the California Estate Planning Attorney Website Design for the Law Office of S. Syd Rahe.

Syd came to us looking to redesign his website. He felt his website design was outdated and wanted to redesign his website into a simpler, less cluttered format. We were happy to take on the new project. Like all new projects, we sent out a brief questionnaire asking Syd to list any features, concepts, and ideas that he may have for his website so our team would be able to get a better understanding of what he was looking for aesthetic-wise. His primary requests were to create a professional, yet simple appearance.

With our background in classic layouts and traditional design, we had a good feeling of how to go about creating his law firm website design. We decided to stick with a classic user-friendly layout. The top of the website features the logo and name of his firm along with his phone number. Underneath the banner lies the main menu with the bare essential information: About the Firm, Profile, Practice Areas, and Contact. The header of the website features a static image of a court house along with a quote from Benjamin Franklin which also serves as Syd’s call to action: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

The left of the website features his practice areas and the right presents elaborated information on his practice. In terms of color scheme, our team decided to go with contrasting colors by pitting a metallic gray background with different shades of blue and white. These colors gave the website a corporate and professional edge. Once we finished a mockup of his website, Syd made a few changes and the end result is pictured above.

We’re glad to add this website to our ever-growing law firm web design portfolio . We always take great pride in our work and we strive to show our efforts with each web design launch.

As stated above, Syd is in the business of Estate Planning. His primary practice areas are as follows:

Estate Planning
Wills and Trusts
Estate Administration
Real Property

Learn more about this attorney website design by visiting the Law Office of S. Syd Rahe.