Law Promo Launches the Bullard & Powell Website

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Bullard Law Firm Website

Law Promo is happy to announce the launch of our latest responsive law firm website for Bullard & Powell.

Because of Google’s recent algorithm change, it is really important to have a website that is responsive!  Google is ranking websites that are optimized for mobile higher than those that are not.

The Bullard & Powell website is our latest responsive website.  For this website, our designers chose a color scheme of red and shades of grey.

The header contains the firm’s logo, and the contact information for each of their offices throughout the state of California.  When viewed on a mobile device with a smaller screen, the contacts change into icons that allow for the visitor to touch for a map or to make a telephone call.  The site also features an integrated blog.

The navigation bar features the different sections of the website.  When viewed on smaller devices, the bar smoothly transitions into a drop down menu.  Below the navigation is a large image slider that feature photos of the attorneys and their locales.  Following that is a content section that highlights the firm’s philosophies and practice areas.

To complete the site, the footer contains a couple of Avvo badges, as well as icons for Facebook and LinkedIn.

See more of the Bullard & Powell website>>