Law Promo Launches The Barulich Dugoni Law Group Website

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lawfirm website design

Law Promo is proud to present the responsive attorney website redesign for the Barulich Dugoni Law Group. Learn more about the features of this responsive redesign by clicking the link below.With Google’s new algorithm change date nearing, we’ve had a number of requests from past clients asking us to convert their website to responsive design in an effort to make their site mobile-friendly. The law firm website featured above is an example of one of our newest responsive redesigns.

The first thing you’ll notice upon visiting this website is the clean white interface and minimalist design. Our design team decided to focus on a minimalist theme in order to enhance the website’s appeal to its intended audience. The color scheme of this website is a mixture between navy blue, gold, and white; a color scheme our design team felt would reflect our client’s professional look.

We’ve added shadows within the edges of the photo header in order to provide a 3-D like feel to the website and put a greater emphasis on the photos and our client’s call to action. The layout is simple and elegant and provides a split screen focus by listing our client’s practice areas and frequently asked questions to the left, while the main home page content is presented on the right.

The banner of the website displays our client’s logo, slogan, and contact information. When this website is viewed on a mobile device, the banner adapts and the logo, slogan, and contact information are presented in a scrolling format atop the main page content and our client’s list of practice areas. We’ve placed a footer menu along with social media icons and legal achievements within the footer of the website.

Aside from being responsive, this law firm website design also features a sticky menu that allows visitors to quickly access the menu atop the page. To learn more about the responsive features of this website, we invite you to click the link here.