Law Promo Launches the Allen Law Firm Website Today

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Allen website design

Law Promo is proud to present the responsive attorney website design for the Allen Law Firm. Learn more about the features of this responsive redesign after the jump.

With Google’s recent algorithm change date, it’s more important than ever that websites offer a fully responsive layout to make them 100% mobile-friendly.  The law firm website featured above is an example of one of our newest responsive redesigns.

The first thing you notice when visiting the site is the full-screen background image of a courthouse against a cloud-filled sky.  As the screen is scaled down to mobile size, the image stays nicely centered, maintaining an even, contrasted balance of the white building and blue sky.

The top of the page contains an easily identified sticky navigation menu that clearly marks out the different areas of the website and stays visible while scrolling, allowing visitors to connect with the information they are seeking at any time.  Below are the law firm’s logo and contact details, so potential clients can quickly gain a free case evaluation.  An automated gallery transitions between landscape images that instill a sense of serenity alongside information related to the law firm’s specialty practice areas.  On smaller devices the navigation menu shrinks to a drop-down menu, and the image slider disappears, allowing mobile users easy touch and scrolling navigation.

Below large icons that clearly identify the law firm’s specialties, further content explains in detail the firm’s capabilities and includes a contact form for quick messages.  On desktop size screens, text is displayed on the left with a contrasting block of black on the right that contains the contact form allowing visitors to enter their details.  On the mobile version, the contact form drops below the informational text, making it easy for users to scroll from the top of the page to the bottom without missing anything.