Law Promo Launches Tassone & Dreicer Website

Categories: Website Launches.

Law Promo is pleased to announce the launch of another attorney website.  Our newest site is for Tassone & Dreicer, Florida trial attorneys.

This law firm website has some classic features that have proven to stand the test of time and create a very clean look and feel.  The navigation bar pops out from the rest of the content, creating a natural divider and keeping the logo and important contact information separated at the top.  This reinforces the brand and entices viewers to follow through and contact this firm with related needs.  Speaking of branding, the color scheme of the website matches the color scheme of the logo perfectly, adding to the level of professionalism in the eyes of the viewer.

A nice feature is the image slider that spans the width of the entire content area.  These high resolution photos serve as an introduction to the firm, and they also go a step further by capturing the attention of the potential clients.  These stunning images in a business setting add to the sophistication, increasing the likelihood of bringing in new customers and higher profits.

Please check out Tassone & Dreicer!