Law Promo Launches New Website For The Pavlack Law LLC

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Law Promo proudly presents the new attorney web design launch for The Pavlack Law Firm, LLC. This marks our third law firm website design launch this week. We’re on a roll! Read more about this project below.

The Pavlack Law Firm, LLC is located in Indianapolis, IN. Their primary practice areas are listed below:

Personal Injury
Class Action
Business Litigation
Wage Disputes

The Pavlack Law Firm, LLC contacted us after searching for attorney website design on Google, in which we came up within the top five. Mr. Pavlack felt that his website was in need of a new design direction, which was the reason for his call. He wanted to incorporate modern styles into his website and after finding our lawyer website design portfolio, he spoke with one of our sales representatives and decided we’d be a good match to redesign his lawyer website. We were glad to take on a new project and our first step was to study his current design in order to prevent making the same mistakes.

Nowadays, there is a heavy visual element emphasis when it comes to lawyer website designs. Before, content reigned king and Mr. Pavlack’s previous design was heavy on content. The problem with having too much content is the clutter that presents itself to the visitor. The average visitor spends a few seconds simply skimming the web page. It’s rare to find someone who reads everything presented to them. When our team undertook the project to redesign Mr. Pavlack’s website, they decided to present the content in a different way and incorporate more of a clean, minimalist design that would be heavy on eye-catching graphics and visuals.

For the color scheme of this law firm web design, we decided to go with brighter colors and chose a white and lime green color scheme. We also did away with our traditional layout and decided to go for a full-width layout complete with banner. Within the banner, we placed contact information at the very top and the logo as well as the name of the firm in the top left corner. To the right of the logo and firm name, we placed the menu bar for easy access. Like we mentioned before, we wanted this website to be graphically stimulating, so the middle of the web page features The Pavlack Law Firm’s call to action: “We’re here to help” along with graphics that represented his practice areas.